Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just like me

Every night we check on Zoe before we go to bed. Monday night, I popped in to adjust covers, check the humidifier or the like, and saw Zoe fast asleep in her crib. The giggles welled up inside, and almost escaped out loud before I could escape the room again. I waved Tracy and Max in to see the reason for my merriment: Zoe, perpendicular to the bed, on her back, covers off, feet in the air resting on her crib bumper, snoring like a grizzly bear. The difference between her blond curls, sweet angelic face and the rough, loud sound emanating from her crazily positioned body was truly funny. Max whispered, "She's just like me!" It is true. Both my 'babies' sleep topsy-turvy and snore. Tracy said, "They're just like you!" But I know it's not true - I don't snore! :)

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