Friday, November 27, 2009

Viviana Marie Bloom is born today!

Our newest little sweetie, Viviana Marie Bloom was born today at 3:54pm. She weighed 7 lbs., 14 oz., and was 21 inches long. She was born into this world in a birthing pool in our home, with her Daddy attending. Also there were her Aunt Angela Marie Rowan, who Vivi is named after (her middle name), her cousin Rose Rowan, two midwives, and a photographer - who also happens to be an OB/GYN. We are so happy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ack! A Car???

Tracy and I have just realized that now that I am pregnant, as soon as this baby comes, we will no longer have a vehicle that will fit all of the members of our family. We need space for one (soon-to-be) 15 year old, and TWO car seats, and two adults. Hrmmm. Okay, Consumer Reports here we come. We spent a weekend looking at several car dealerships for options. We like the mid-size SUV option with third row seating, because of better gas mileage, however the minivan definitely has greater ease of use in terms of loading and unloading passengers. Here's what we're thinking right now, though we won't be buying for at least several months.
Mazda 5:

Toyota Sienna:

Toyota RAV4:
The local Kia dealer is having a huge sale on Kia minivans, so that's a temptation too, mostly because of the romminess and the price. The RAV4 would be really cramped, but workable for those relatively few times the whole family travels together. We are leaning toward the Mazda5 for our compromise - pretty good gas mileage for a minivan, and roomier than the RAV4, but much smaller than the Sienna - smaller price tag too. We'll see what life brings us in the future.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Zeeeee, Ohhhh, Eeeeee...

Zoe woke up this morning wanting her usual morning cuddle before really waking up for the day. She climbed into our bed and snuggled, then popped her head up and said to me, "Zeee-Ohh-Eeee, Zoe" I got very excited and we went to tell Daddy all about it. Daddy was so proud, and I called Grampa, who was also so proud. Go Zoe, you are amazing to me!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Paint for Buckle My Shoe

I opened the doors of Buckle My Shoe Childcare in August of 2008 so that I could have the opportunity to stay home with my infant daughter and still contribute to the family income. We converted my old office into the playroom. Luckily I had a large office with lots of usable space. The office was what was originally the garage when this house was first built, before we owned it. The previous owner had the (wise) idea to convert the garage into house space, since the house is so small. But since we have owned the house, about 9 years now, the room was never painted. The white walls were grubby and stained with handprints, dust from the pellet stove, red rubbing spots from our old red couch, etc., but I hardly even noticed it!

Then one day I decided now was the time. I went to the library and got out books for inspiration in painting kid's spaces. I found many books, and bookmarked many pages. I consulted my friend Gretchen, the fabulous interior designer, and meditated and sketched. Several months later (yes, several...) I decided now was the time once again!

This time I went out and bought paint and dedicated a weekend to painting, and jumped in with both feet. Here is the result: our newly painted playroom!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pregnant Again

We just recently found out we are pregnant again. I am so happy! When I first did a home pregnancy test, it came up negative, so I thought it did not happen for us this month. A little sadness, but I figured we'd just try again next month. Then days passed and it became obvious it was time to take the test again. This time that little pink line showed up to tell me that I was indeed pregnant. Now begins the time of preparation and waiting. What will it be, boy or girl, or even how many could it be, praying for a perfectly formed, healthy, happy, intelligent and beautiful baby. So many blessings to pray for, so many things to worry over. Our family will be growing soon. Due date is 12/4/2009. Happy, happy day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nap time crisis

It has been a few days since we retired the baby crib. Bed time smoothed out after the first night. We kept everything else around our bedtime routine the same, and Zoe has been sleeping soundly in her big-girl bed, with only a minor hiccup here or there.

Nap time however has been tough. Wailing, crying, and high drama ensue. Now if it were just one child, I could handle it much easier, but I am now trying to get two or three children to nap at the same time. As Zoe wails, Maya imitates her, which makes Zoe laugh, and causes Maya to laugh in turn. They take forever getting to sleep and have been sleeping about half of their normal amount of time. This makes for cranky babies and a cranky Mommy too. So we struggle on and I pray for an extra hour of sleep.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wild Woman of Borneo

My daughter is a wild woman. I happened to snap this picture of her climbing out of the pack-n-play. Ack! Needless to say, she is now sleeping in her very own "big girl" bed. Good bye crib, goodbye my little baby. We now have a little girl who runs, jumps, and climbs on as much as possible. Welcome, my little wild woman. I hope your adventurous ways serve you well in life.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Illness tests my patience

Tracy has been feeling unwell for days. I am not a very supportive partner when it comes to illness, I am ashamed to say. I do not hold up well to the discomforts and crankiness that comes with the territory. When it comes to my children, I am the image of caring kindness, but for my partner somehow all that gets lost. This is one of my challenges and growth edges for sure. I'm sorry, my love. I will try to be better!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angst, Woe and a Binding Contract

The other evening, Max, Tracy and I had a blow out. Max has always had a restricted amount of time that he is allowed to play video games each day. Over time, our rules have evolved and Max has earned the privilege of more time, as well as the opportunity to earn even more time by getting good grades. One of the responsibilities that goes along with that is keeping a log of how much time he has used in a given day. We have a notebook kept for that purpose and periodically it is checked. For several check-ins now the log has been sketchy at best and we have reiterated the necessity for keeping the log filled in. Our most recent check revealed that he had not filled in anything at all for three weeks.

We grounded him from his video games, and he proceeded to protest vehemently. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, admission of lying about his play time, debates and greater punishments. Exhausted, we all went to bed. 

The next day, he was quiet. Much time was spent alone. I presumed he was texting his friends and complaining about his terribly strict and unfair parents. Later in the day, he watched a movie, made cookies with me, spent some time with his sister, and went to a friends house. An improvement I thought. My heart felt crumpled though. The admitted lies, the yelling, the crying, it all took it's toll on me. In the end, Max was finding it difficult to find things to do with his time, outside of homework and jobs, that was not a video game. Many of his friends play hours and hours on end. Our town is not conducive to random bike riding and his friends live farther than what is able to be walked on safe roads. His favorite sport activities are skiing and paintball, which are expensive and can only be done occasionally. Thus, high frustration.

Today he handed over a contract titled, "Contract for Success and Happiness." He had apparently written it in his quiet time the previous day. Wow, what a contract. Two pages, titled paragraphs, various named parties. It was so... professional. I was impressed. What a unique and great answer to our problems from a 14-year old. In short, he was offering to take on more responsibility if we'd be willing to compromise on the computer time issue. 

We're currently in negotiations. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just like me

Every night we check on Zoe before we go to bed. Monday night, I popped in to adjust covers, check the humidifier or the like, and saw Zoe fast asleep in her crib. The giggles welled up inside, and almost escaped out loud before I could escape the room again. I waved Tracy and Max in to see the reason for my merriment: Zoe, perpendicular to the bed, on her back, covers off, feet in the air resting on her crib bumper, snoring like a grizzly bear. The difference between her blond curls, sweet angelic face and the rough, loud sound emanating from her crazily positioned body was truly funny. Max whispered, "She's just like me!" It is true. Both my 'babies' sleep topsy-turvy and snore. Tracy said, "They're just like you!" But I know it's not true - I don't snore! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

This Valentine's Day marks eleven years that my husband and I have been together. I have a warm happy feeling and feel loved even though we have exchanged no gifts, and no cards. I am content. I am where I want to be. Mmmmm. It resonates deeply. I am lucky. It's good to be me.

A babysitter so we could go to a movie made the day even more special. Then dinner out at our favorite Indian place with Zoe. She behaved beautifully, and we smiled at each other over the aloo gobi. A good day.