Friday, March 13, 2009

Nap time crisis

It has been a few days since we retired the baby crib. Bed time smoothed out after the first night. We kept everything else around our bedtime routine the same, and Zoe has been sleeping soundly in her big-girl bed, with only a minor hiccup here or there.

Nap time however has been tough. Wailing, crying, and high drama ensue. Now if it were just one child, I could handle it much easier, but I am now trying to get two or three children to nap at the same time. As Zoe wails, Maya imitates her, which makes Zoe laugh, and causes Maya to laugh in turn. They take forever getting to sleep and have been sleeping about half of their normal amount of time. This makes for cranky babies and a cranky Mommy too. So we struggle on and I pray for an extra hour of sleep.

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