Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ack! A Car???

Tracy and I have just realized that now that I am pregnant, as soon as this baby comes, we will no longer have a vehicle that will fit all of the members of our family. We need space for one (soon-to-be) 15 year old, and TWO car seats, and two adults. Hrmmm. Okay, Consumer Reports here we come. We spent a weekend looking at several car dealerships for options. We like the mid-size SUV option with third row seating, because of better gas mileage, however the minivan definitely has greater ease of use in terms of loading and unloading passengers. Here's what we're thinking right now, though we won't be buying for at least several months.
Mazda 5:

Toyota Sienna:

Toyota RAV4:
The local Kia dealer is having a huge sale on Kia minivans, so that's a temptation too, mostly because of the romminess and the price. The RAV4 would be really cramped, but workable for those relatively few times the whole family travels together. We are leaning toward the Mazda5 for our compromise - pretty good gas mileage for a minivan, and roomier than the RAV4, but much smaller than the Sienna - smaller price tag too. We'll see what life brings us in the future.

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