Saturday, March 27, 2010


We have had the pleasure of grandparents lately. With Grandma Pat and Grampa John living in Florida; and Meemee and Grumpy Grampy being out of the country recently, we were feeling the scarcity. But on Wednesday, Grampa John arrived for his annual trip north to see his friends. It used to be a ski trip, but with health issues for one or another of his friends, it's now a purely social trip. They watch basketball, have a couple beers, eat delicious food, and catch up on life. The plus side of this is that while he spends a long weekend with his friends, we get to see him for a couple days before and after. Grampa loves his grandchildren, they love him, and I really enjoy seeing my Dad too.
Additionally, ChickenPie and Meemee are out for one of their dates today. Meemee arrives and usually takes ChickenPie to the pet store (it's almost like a trip to the zoo, since we don't have a local zoo!) and out to eat. Today they are also including a trip to the playground since there's no snow or rain. (Yay, Spring!) ChickenPie LOVES her days out with Meemee.

I say I was feeling the scarcity, but actually my Mom came to visit just a few weeks ago as well. Maybe because when she left, so did Meemee and Grumpy Grampy. Grandma Pat loves to read stories to ChickenPie, and we have discovered that even at only 3 months old, Sassafras loves to hear stories too. She happily sits on your lap and listens to your voice while watching you turn pages in the book. But Grandma Pat is also up for a few games of pretend with ChickenPie, who, here, is pretending to be the mommy, while Grandma is the baby.

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